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SofaRider™ Gel Seat Raw Materials (for DIY Modification)

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Motorcycle Gel Seats Raw Materials (gel + memory foam) for those who want to 'Do It Yourself'

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  • Square 12x12 inch
  • No seat cover
  • Standard 1 Slab

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Quantity provided1 set
Do It Yourself (DIY)DIY Possible
DIY difficultyDifficult
Tools required for installationProfessional cutting, sewing etc tools needed
Country of originDesigned and Made In India
Warranty for this productStandard 1 year warranty as per policy
User Guide URLNo user guide available
Type of packingCardboard box

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SofaRider™ Gel Seat Raw Materials (for DIY Modification)


Single Slab option
  1. Gel sheet - 12 x 12 inch, 1/2" thick - 1 piece
  2. Memory Foam - 12 x 12 inch, 1/2" thick - 1 piece
Double Slab option
  1. Gel sheet - 12 x 12 inch, 1/2" thick - 2 pieces ie total 1" thickness
  2. Memory Foam - 12 x 12 inch, 1/2" thick - 1 piece
These are also called as "gel seat inserts" or "gel seat pads"
Both the raw materials are of the highest quality and manufactured in an ISO9000 certified facility


Above materials are sufficient for a small single split seat (eg. Duke, CBR, Ninja, etc.)
One split seat like the Duke front/rider seat needs one set of 12x12 materials. For rider + pilion two sets of these materials will be needed.
For a banana seat (eg. Triumph Bonnievile, Yamaha RX 100, etc.) you will need double the quantity


We buy the raw materials in bulk and customize them for motorcycle use, so you will get a cheaper deal on both the materials from us, compared to other retailers


Remember, you are experimenting, so results will vary depending on your skill and experience. We have the experience and have mastered the process of seat modification. We use many more ingredients in our gel seat design and manufacturing, besides this gel and memory foam, like various 3M sprays for different results


For guaranteed results and a professionally made product, please consider either of the following:

  • SofaRider™ Strap On Gel Seat variants
  • SofaRider™ Gel Seat Cover
  • SofaRider™ Stock 2 Gel Seat Modification Service

These products are an outcome of years of research and development.
We also use 3M™ waterproofing sprays and 3M™ Moisture Resistant Protective Sheeting 06725 in our SofaRider products which are not included in this raw material set.
We also use a medium rough black cover material which we have carefully chosen and is not included in this raw material set


Comparison between the 3 SofaRider™ options and a detailed FAQ can be found -> here
Differences between the SofaRider options can be found -> here


This product (ie raw materials only) are covered by our Warranty Policy
  • The outcome of your D.I.Y is not covered by our warranty
  • Returns not accepted on this raw materials set
  • We have received feedback from riders saying the seat becomes hard in couple of months' time - this may or may not happen depending on how well the modification is done. Our SofaRider gel seat products guarantee that this will not happen to them

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