Price Match Policy is a manufacturer of most of the flagship products and an online retailer that provides high-quality products for your riding accessories and riding comfort needs. We strive to have the lowest prices on our product range.

We are able to offer this Price Match largely because our business being online, and therefore our overheads are very low. This allows us to keep the price on our products and services as low as possible and in turn, enables us to offer you the Price Match Policy:

  • If you find the same products being sold at a lower price in other stores, online or offline, within 7 days since you've bought from us, we’ll refund the difference to you against a proper quote from the other store. 
  • If you are yet to make a purchase from us, we will try to match the price of the product for which you have been quoted by the other store. At our discretion we may try to lower our price to you.

So, at you can shop with the knowledge that we have the top quality products you can trust, at the lowest possible prices.

This offer does not apply to lower prices being offered on our own site due to price reductions or sale discounts which are given from time to time.

Policy last updated: 27th May 2014, 6.30PM IST (GMT+5:30)